A Snapshot From / Rome

Does anyone else feel this way about Italy?

“My heart tumbles with a love I cannot answer or explain.”

Quote from Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Photo somewhere near Rome’s Spanish Steps by Stacy di Anna.

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12 thoughts on “Does anyone else feel this way about Italy?

  1. I am currently reading Luigi Barzini’s book called The Italians. It was written in the 1960s, but is still relevant. It helps to understand what makes Italians tick. I like Tim Parks, An Italian Education, Italian Neighbours and Medici Money. I think they are very entertaining.

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    • Great reads! I have read all but Medici Money and really enjoyed them. Tim Parks is always a good read and you’ve inspired me to re-visit these titles. I’ll put Medici Money on my list. Enjoy Casa Debbio!


    • Always two sides to every coin, right? I know life in Italy isn’t all prosecco and sunshine but, especially from afar, I feel very in love with Italy. Soak up the good for me! Un abbraccio!


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