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  5. Hi Stacy, I found your blog just now because I am researching Anna Maria Luisa de Medici – like you I feel so much gratitude to her, and think she is truly an unsung heroine. The recent TV series The Medici reminds me that the family story is always dominated by the men! Un errore grande….

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  8. Sicily is one of my most favorite places on earth. My father was born there, and we took our kids to Sicily several times when they were growing up. We still go back from time to time, and I love that our grown sons are in touch with their distant cousin in Sicily. Bonding with our ancestral family has been wonderful and I hope to write about it. Learned Italian (elementary) a few years back but I’m out of practice, so I’m trying to get back to it. One of my most favorite books about Italy is Mary Taylor Semeti’s On Persephone’s Island. And Therese Maggio’s The Stone Boudoir and Mattanza – just fabulous writing. I have a book blog, Books Can Save a Life and have featured books about Sicily from time to time. So glad to have discovered this great blog!

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  12. I, too, loved being in the presence of Il Cenacolo in 2011, with Alberto. I really enjoyed reading your “12 Things” we may not know about the painting. I will share it with Al. If I were to list some of my signature strengths, they would be the same as yours! So we must be twins. Love to you and la famiglia!

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    • I cannot wait to visit San Diego’s Little Italy with you! We went there once for an Italian American Club dinner with your dad. I have not yet explored the Italian neighborhood in Detroit (shops, etc.). My Italian get-away in Lansing, MI is to go to our very authentic Roma Bakery and hang out with coffee and some food from their bakery or deli and pretend to be in Italy. When I took Al there last year, immediately he and another Italian senior struck up a conversation. The imported food and fresh baked goods and deli are outstanding. They are known for their cakes. Abracci, Zia Beth

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  13. Hey Stacy, Im a first time visitor to your website. I found the website while I was searching for pics of Italy. I came across the picture/quote from Eat Pray Love (which I read years back) “my heart tumbles with a love I cannot answer or explain” as did ‘”open my heart and you will see graved inside of it Italy” and instantly researched the origin of the photos. For the first time, I visited Italy in June and instantly fell in love with this place.The quotes noted above took my breath away because it describes my exact emotion and connection to Italy. My plan is to answer my call to this love and somehow take my place in Italy. This website is a lovely connection to an enchanting place. Love and Light to Italy and its citizens during this devastating experience

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    • Welcome, Valerie! Thank you for your kind words, they are really meaningful to me! Falling in love with Italy is a beautiful thing, and I’m honored to know that my site will serve as a connection for you. I’m thrilled to have you here! Blessings.


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  21. Ciao Stacy, I agree wholeheartedly on saying thank you every day. For life, for health, for air, water, food, work and the ability to make wise decisions. And sometimes ‘unwise’ decisions. Thanks for liking my ‘ora blu’ post. xx


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  24. Ciao! I love your blog! I have just started to read your posts and really like your mix of information on Italian language and culture. I’m Italian American and love to travel to Italy every summer with my family. I started to teach Italian at request of members of the Italian Society of Peoria who wanted to learn a bit of the language before they traveled to Italy.

    I’ve compiled the material I have been using to teach into a book called Conversational Italian for Travelers. This textbook along with a pocket reference book are now up for sale on amazon and there is free audio on my website at I also have two blogs now, one for beginning Italian and another for more advanced Italian with cultural notes and recipes. and .

    I hope we can keep in touch and share our Italian experiences!
    – Kathryn for Stella Lucente, LLC

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    • Hi Kathryn! Thank you for being here and for sharing your projects! How fun to be able to teach Italian and congratulations on the book! I will certainly check it out. Have you read my post “Finding Famiglia”? It’s a bit long but, with you being Italian American (like me), I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s the story of when I met my family in Italy for the first time. I look forward to keeping in touch here in cyberspace. Blessings!


  25. I love reading your blog Stacy! Keep up the great work! And I love seeing all your beautiful pics of Italy! I can’t wait to go visit Italy for my 1st time! Love to you and the gang!

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  26. Bonnie Melielo – grew up in Jersey and have lived in Alaska for 35+ years. I have been studying Italian since 2003 and have been blessed to have taken 15 trips to Italy. Italian language is my passion since I hope to pass it on to my grandchildren. My husband has obtained dual citizenship and I hope to also, as well as our daughters and grandchildren. We took our Italian upbringings for granted so now we want to be sure to pass along the culture and heritage.

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    • How wonderful to everything! Thank you for sharing your details. What a gift to your children and grandchildren, to pass along your Italian heritage and language. It’s fun to share this passion together, and I thank you for being here!


  27. Hi, happy to sign your Guest Book. Alberto, the Italian Specialist from Italianinitaly, Scuola Toscana company blog. Happened on this very nice blog looking for something about Italian language. I like the post of this blog about Italian language, because, being a teacher, I need the student’ point of view. Right now I’m reading Stendahl, Marco Vichi, and the New Yorker magasine; all-time favourites: Melville’s Moby Dick, Murakami’s Kafka on the shore, and the detective stories of Spenser (Robert Parker). Favorite travel destination: Tokyo, Japan. When I grow up want to become a (famous) writer, as everyone. Thank you ! Alberto

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    • Ciao Alberto, so happy you’re here. Thank you for supporting and sharing my posts, I’m so happy you enjoy the site! I enjoy yours as well. What interesting books you are reading. Your last comment put a smile on my face! Happy teaching, reading and writing!


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