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Hi and welcome! I’m Stacy, creator here at Prayers & Piazzas. Italy is one of my happy places, and Prayers & Piazzas keeps Italy close at heart, especially while writing from afar.

Growing up in an Italian-American family, Italy was no big deal. It lived quietly in the background of my daily life, but left little influence. But that all changed during my second trip to Italy when I unintentionally fell in love with the country, culture, language, and people. I came home to America, but Italy took up residence in my soul.

Part travel guide, part history guide, (with the occasional memoir from my travels), Prayers & Piazzas celebrates all things Italy. I find Italian history particularly captivating, so you’ll find plenty here. I’m not a historian, just a writer and traveler who loves history.

No matter where you are in the world, and whether you are newly smitten with Italy or caught up in a longtime love affair, I hope that here you are transported directly to the Italy we love.

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I’m always looking to forge a deeper connection with people who love Italian history, culture and travel. Come be part of the conversation in the private group I run on Facebook called Italy: History and Culture for Travelers.