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Part travel guide, part travel journal, Prayers & Piazzas celebrates the beauty, history, art, culture, and language of Italy. No matter where you are in the world, this site helps to keep you connected to what you love most about Italy.

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Hello and welcome! I’m Stacy, creator here at Prayers & Piazzas.

Growing up in an Italian-American family, Italy was no big deal. But that changed dramatically during my second trip to Italy when I unintentionally fell in love with all things Italy.

Here on the site I share some of what touches my heart most about Italy — the people, history, art, architecture, food, culture, and language.

You’ll also find travel tips that I’ve learned along the way, which I hope will come in handy as you plan your dream trip to Italy.

Speaking of dream trips… if you are seeking travel planning assistance beyond what you see here, please get in touch! I’m excited to share my 12+ years of experience traveling Italy from top to bottom with you.

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Tante belle cose,

Stacy xo