The Day the Bell Tolled

Santo Stefano church, Assisi, Italy. Legend has it that the bells of this simple church, built in the 12th century, rang spontaneously on October 3, 1226, when Assisi’s most famous son, Saint Francis, died. Image by Chris Light Along with Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Francis was designated Patron saint of Italy. He later became…

All The Colors of the Italian Rainbow

Ok, so taking the tour boat from Venice was a teensy bit touristy, but otherwise we might never have experienced the vibrant and charming little island of Burano. All photos my own ©PrayersandPiazzas2018 (except the above, captured by Daughter)

Snapshots from Scarperia

About an hour northeast of Florence in Tuscany’s lush Mugello Valley lies Scarperia, a spot which has been named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. We had escaped to Scarperia for a reprieve from busy Florence for the golf resort, Una Poggio dei Medici, which just happened to include a 16th century hunting…

While Meandering Montalcino

The quintessential Tuscan town of Montalcino begs to be wandered through, especially on a quiet morning, the air cool and still smelling of last night’s thunderstorm. On a whim we had followed one friend’s travel advice, rented a car for the first time in Italy thanks to another encouraging friend, and after a most pleasant…

Evening in Rome

A passeggiata at sunset, and Rome never disappoints….