A Snapshot From / Puglia


What a luxury to take a break from steamy sightseeing to enjoy one of the many beach clubs dotting the Italian shoreline.


This one is in Puglia, where many Italians head for ferie in agosto (holidays in August).

IMG_0651 (2)

The soft, clear waters of the Adriatic Sea kiss the craggy shoreline, and at this beach club, many of the amenities, like the changing rooms and even the bar, are tucked into naturally formed caves.





While it can be difficult to give up a day of visiting ancient artifacts or centuries-old artwork and architecture, I highly recommend the reprieve of a day spent shore side or lakeside in Italy if the opportunity arises.


Italian Beach Words

  • la spiaggia = beach
  • il mare = sea
  • la sabbia = sand
  • l’onda = wave
  • il sole = sun
  • il costume da bagno = bathing suit
  • l’asciugamano = towel (or telo da mare)
  • la crema solare = sunscreen
  • gli occhiali da sole = sunglasses
  • il salvataggio = lifeguard
  • nuotare = to swim
  • la conchiglia = shell
  • il castello di sabbia = sand castle


11 thoughts on “Seaside

  1. Is this beach area part of a hotel, or is it a “club” that people in the neighborhood pay for? We are heading to Puglia for a weekend in between visiting family villages in Campania and Calabria.

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    • This is a club, we just paid for the day. It’s just outside of Bari in Poglinano a Mare. I have since forgotten the name but I can easily get it from family if you’d like specifics. Have a great trip and send me a photo to feature in “Snapshots” if you can! Buon viaggio!


  2. Perfect post for August in Italy. I had heard that Puglia has become a beach destination for Italians, and now I know why! What amazing rock formations and a nice, sandy (rather than rocky) beach! I also love listening to the Italian spoken among families enjoying their beach holiday – a delightful “extra” to the Italian beach experience!


  3. Lovely post, Stacy. I love Puglia, especially the Gargano peninsula, the water is crystal clear vand the towns of Peschici and Viestev are delightful.. Must go and explore more down there. xx

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