Variations on a Theme: Italian Storefronts and Shop Windows

Who can resist the artistry of a well-arranged, colorful, symmetrical or even crowded shop window?

Most of these are from Italy (primarily Florence), but a couple are not (leave your guess in the comments section). Click on an image to enlarge.


Settling on a subject was a little tricky, as I have quite a collection of church interiors, crumbly brick walls, doors weathered, worn, majestic. Alas, I hadn’t realized the collection of shop fronts gathering in my media library. What do you find yourself photographing time and again in your travels?

Posted today in response to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

14 Replies to “Variations on a Theme: Italian Storefronts and Shop Windows”

  1. I thought about this ‘variations on a theme’ too, but was not organized enough to do a post quickly! I guess I need too much advance notice. I am frequently photographing doorways, cinquecenti, biciclette, vecchietti and old crumbly walls bathed in sunshine. Oh and food- lots of food! Ciao, Cristina

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      1. Agreed, it’s a wonderful pastime. As far as which ones to choose to post, it’s a minefield, isn’t it? What appeals to one, may niot appeal to the masses. And Cristina, I am very guilty of food photos, to the extend that husband continually rolls his eyes at me in restaurants & delicatessens. Even supermarkets, would you believe?


  2. Great selection of store windows. I too love the shop windows in Europe. Often they have some beautifully arranged goodies that look so delicious!

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  3. You have a similar eye to me, Stacy. I often annoy my husband by insisting on gawping at and photographing all the beautiful window displays in Italy. They are so attractive, and seem to demand that I stop in my tracks. It takes us forever to get anywhere.
    PS: Let me know if you are planning a trip soon to Southern Le Marche. Would love to meet you. Ciao, Annmarie x

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    1. I completely agree with you! I stop in my tracks many a time in Italy — it’s probably hazardous! 🙂

      Hoping to be in Italy in the spring and I’d love to meet you too! Back in touch when my plans are more settled.


  4. I love your photos of shop windows, and I love the contents of the window displays! Libreria, I’m sure, is right up your alley. Al and I just went to a “Closing Sale” at one of our wonderful area bookstores that can no longer stay in business. We bought a bunch of books and CDs at a big discount. One for you, too!

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