Snapshots from Italy: Favorites Across the Years, Part 1

A very rough (and probably low) estimate of pictures of Italy I have in my personal files is around 2500. So, in what seems like a perfect way to avoid post-Christmas clean up and neglected laundry from the holidays, I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my top favorites this month.

Enjoy today’s picks, primarily from Tuscany and Rome, presented in no particular order. Buon viaggio!


Above: Monteriggioni, a charming, well-preserved walled Tuscan town. Highly worth a visit, especially if you’re traveling Italy with kids. Below: an inviting negozio (shop) in San Gimignano.



Above: Somewhere in Tuscany. No collection of favorites would be complete without something from the “Doors of Italy” category, nor without a praying child. Photo below, one of the countless beautiful churches in Rome. Notice Daughter’s little silver rosary box, still a treasured souvenir.



Love this photo above, snapped in Rome at the Forum ruins.


Above: Gorgeous Verona; next two shots below are from the photogenic little Tuscan town of Certaldo.




Above: Along the shores of Lake Como (more here and here)


More from Monteriggioni, above photo is included mostly because this is one of my favorite churches in Italy (read more here). Below: beautiful, bright flowers burst from a stone planter that looks centuries old to me.



Above: In 2010 I returned to Italy for the first time in 25 years, and this was the second picture of the trip. I think it’s one of the best in my entire collection. Below: ditto, but this was photo #4 of the trip.


europe2010-463Above: Ok, so Daughter was only about three feet tall when this photo was taken in Rome but even so, this is a pretty big door. I’m fairly certain this is the Quirinale Palace, one of the three official residences of the president of the Italian Republic. Below: Happy in Monteriggioni.-What kind of time did you have--

I would love for you to share one of your favorite snapshots from Italy, and I invite you to post it on my Facebook page! 

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Bellissime! I especially love the ones with ‘la figlia’! Ciao, Cristina

  2. It’s snowing here in the UK right now – these just make me wish I was back in Italy myself! Thanks for sharing – beautiful photos 🙂

    1. Perhaps I should work on that post about the beach club I went to in Italy last summer to share more sunshine here on the internet! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed the post, thank you for your sweet comment.

  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    That street in Rome looks like Via Rasella where I always stay at the Julia.

    1. Thank you, Debra! I’m sure you are right! What a lovely spot to stay.

  4. apollard says:

    I really like your return photo, is it Roma?

    1. Ah yes, those two photos (the cobblestone alley) and the one of the buildings below it are both from Rome. We were walking from Via Nazionale to the Spanish Steps. You know your Roma! xo

      1. apollard says:

        not really, i got quite lost last trip finally arriving to meet a friend just a mass of sweat, red faced and puffing! Not like an Italian bella donna at all!

      2. oh dear and lol. How do the Italian women manage to always stay so put together in that oppressing heat?

  5. Tracy Maria says:

    How fun to see your beautiful and meaningful photos. Thank you for sharing. In Italy, everywhere you turn there is something beautiful and/or old.

    1. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed the post! You are exactly right, every time I turn a corner in Italy, it takes my breath away. Thanks for being here!

  6. Beautiful. Love the big door, in particular, and then when I continued with the final scroll, the photo of your daughter laughing was even better.

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