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  1. Bellagio is definitely beautiful, though it was hard for us to say otherwise about any of the serene towns around Lake Como. Happy you got to wander over there!

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    1. Us too, we loved our time there. A peaceful start to Italy!

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  2. Beth Cafagna says:

    Hope you got to take Grace on a boat trip around Lago di Como. Wish we were there with you. Just walking through the cobblestone lanes looks beautiful and restful. That is where many of the English writers and poets went for a vacation and fell in love with Italy.

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    1. We did get to boat around the lake and wander the lanes!


  3. Laura Baker says:

    I love your photos! Thank you for sharing! Hopefully will be returning to Italy next year!

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    1. Thank you so much! Next year…I hope so!


  4. gailpollard2015 says:

    We miss you but like seeing what you see. Enjoy the time!! That is truly a beautiful place

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    1. Having a great time!


  5. Tu sei molto fortunata! You are very lucky! Thank you for sending the lovely photos!

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    1. Sono proprio fortunata! 🙂 I hope you can visit here someday if you haven’t yet.


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