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  1. Wendy Trento says:

    Definitely want to visit that alley. Amazing!

    1. Hello Ms. Wendy! Nice to see you. ☺ xo

  2. Ishita says:

    Totally agree with this quote 😉

  3. Annmarie says:

    Lovely cool shot in the Mezzogiorno – Stacy, your photo made me take a deep slow breath. I haven’t made it to Lecce yet, but loved the Gargano peninsula. God keep me alive & healthy long enough to see it ALL! xx

    1. That makes me happy, Annmarie, to know this photo was peaceful and enjoyable to you. I hope you get down south soon! Forza!

  4. Sharon says:

    This “vicolo” is breathe taking. Love it. I remember visiting Puglia when we were there. I love your posts.😘ciao bella?

    1. xo yes, we were in Alberobello and Polignano a Mare, didn’t we have so much fun?

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