A Few Favorites from 2018, and Cheers to All!

_with freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy__

And I might add travel, Italian and gratitude to this collection. And writing. Thanks to you all for being part of the Prayers and Piazzas community, sharing Italian travel and culture stories with you all brings me joy.

Although I was not able to post as often as I had wanted last year, I’m thrilled that the tribe here continued to grow during 2018 (welcome to all who have recently joined!) with readers from all parts of the globe representing 109 countries– a number I find both extremely touching and unbelievable:) Benvenuti a tutti!

What’s caught people’s attention this year?

Snapshots from Italy: Weathered was posted early in 2018 as part of WordPress’ weekly photo theme (weathered). Turns out other people find the crumbly, old buildings of Italy as charming as I do.


A post published several years ago, Cheers to All: Cin Cin a Tutti!, on how to say cheers in Italian continues to be a fan favorite. I was fascinated to discover that our modern version of the toast has its roots in Ancient Rome.

group of people holding wine glasses

22 Terms to Better Appreciate Italian Art and Architecture, published this year with the expertise of art historian Alexandra Kiely of A Scholarly Skater was one I thoroughly enjoyed putting together and, I hope, one of the most useful and informative to readers.


But my personal favorite piece to write this year, which came straight from my love-of-history heart, was Gone But Not Lost: The Bridges of Florence During World War II. Retelling the story of how Florence lost all of its bridges (except the Ponte Vecchio), in one summer night in 1944, was heartbreaking and consuming, but a story I was moved to share.

IMG_20180503_194409 (1)

Grazie a tutti for being here at Prayers and Piazzas, and cheers to all for a blessed and healthy 2019.

Wherever your path leads you this year, I hope it’s a beautiful and joy-filled journey.








11 Comments Add yours

  1. Buon anno un po’ in ritardo! And your post on the bridges of Florence was my favorite as well! Looking forward to 2019!

    1. Tante grazie, buon anno a te!

  2. Buon anno Stacey and cheers to a new blog year! Salute, Cristina

  3. Italophilia says:

    Amazing quote! Happy 2019 ❤

    1. Also to you, and congratulations, newlyweds!

  4. Brad Nixon says:

    Congrats on an excellent year. Yes, I clearly recall the bridges piece and found that worthwhile for any readers who missed it. A prosperous, healthy and writing-filled 2019 to you.

    1. Thank you, Brad, and same to you!

  5. Rachel says:

    Love all your posts can’t wait to see what you write in 2019!

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