Book Love, Italiano


Thankfully this bookshop in Florence was closed when Daughter and I stumbled upon it this summer, or I may have ended up facing the dilemma of carrying several fragile books back to the U.S. without being damaged en route! Although I would love a couple of these for my collection…

This simple display marries two of my great passions: Italian and antique books. Perhaps it’s better that they were all left in Italy, their home country, to be discovered by other bibliophiles.

Interested to know what was being offered in that lovely libreria (bookstore)? Several books on advice (look for the word consigli), a Florentine cookbook (ricettario Fiorentino), and two different versions on the history of coins (bottom right, Storia delle Monete), which seems quite appropriate given that Florence was a center of banking in the Renaissance and centuries leading up to it.

Speaking of books, sono molto emozionata — I’m very excited — to tell you all that in a few days I will be launching a book giveaway, to express my thanks and gratitude for all of you readers. I have some very special Italian-themed books up for grabs. Check back later this week for details!


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  1. Brad Nixon says:

    “And long I used to stand and look at things I could not buy.” A.E. Housman. Yes, sometimes, simply better to look!

    1. Ah, so true! I feel like that often when gazing at the shop windows in Florence.

  2. So beautiful – I empathise with your desire to just keep buying! Can never resist purchasing new popular titles from bookshops when I visit family in Italy (most recently was a Neil Gaiman title whilst in Rome…) I like to think it will just challenge me to improve my Italian? 🙂

    1. Ah yes, I have quite a collection of Italian books thinking just having them will help me speak better! 🙂

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