Keep Calm and Love Roma

If “all roads lead to Rome”, I’m guessing that this ancient path in front of the Colosseum is one of those roads.


Italy2012 027

If it’s your first visit to this ancient city, the Colosseum cannot be missed.  (Although truthfully, if I find myself in Rome, this is the first thing I want to see. For me, it’s just too iconic to ever miss.)

Want to skip the line to go inside? Buy your ticket across the street at the Forum (another worthwhile wandering spot), where lines can be shorter and the ticket gains entry into both.


Daughter was searching for some of Rome’s wild cats, who make their homes amongst the Forum ruins. I’m always struck by the weight of history in this 3,000 year old city, where stumbling upon an ancient architectural ruin is common.

Italy2012 040




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  1. love word comes with Rome beautiful country, well written !

    1. Thank you, and thanks for visiting my site!

  2. My(then) teenage daughter and I had a really thorough tour of the Forum some years ago with a guidebook. It was hard work but worth it. There was an old lady there who kept a tourist-type stall and was the patroness of lots of cats. Thanks for the tip about the Forum ticket booth, and the reminder of many lovely visits to Rome.

    1. What a wonderful memory, thank you for sharing it! I can imagine that a detailed Forum tour would be very well worth it. Blessings!

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