“A Beautiful Ordinary” featured at Mamalode today!

Mamalode has been called “America’s BEST parenting magazine” by Lisa Stone of BlogHer, and today, they are featuring my post, “A Beautiful Ordinary”!!! I am immensely honored. ❤


Please take a moment to hop over there read the piece — click here for the direct link. This is a very personal writing (big thank you to Husband for letting me share details) and I would love to hear from you, so please leave me a comment somewhere on the world wide web (at Mamalode directly, on their Facebook page, on my Facebook pages, or here on my site.) And feel free to share the link — the more clicks on my post, the better!

Thank you in advance for the visit, and enjoy getting to know Mamalode. I’m guessing you will love the site as much as I do!


ps – a special shout out to mama art — thank you for being awesomely Freshly Pressed so that I could find your site, and then being featured on Mamalode so that I could find their site! xo

4 Comments Add yours

  1. RVM says:

    YAY! Go you! Going to read it right now!

    1. RVM says:

      Just read it – amazing!!! So proud of you and proud to be your friend. Complimenti!

      1. Grazie!! Thanks for the love. Our friendship is the best souvenir I’ve ever brought home from a trip! xo

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