Capturing Italy: Dolcetto o Scherzetto?

Italian Halloween Words

Technically, this photo breaks the rules just a bit of my “Capturing Italy” posts, as it wasn’t taken in Italy at all, but in my stateside home. Vi presento il nostro gatto, Boo. I present to you all our cat, Boo, who earns her keep around here by doubling as a Halloween decoration during this time of year.

Even though Halloween is not officially celebrated in Italy, the kid cousins that I adore who live there certainly know all about our tradition here in America.

So, to infuse a little Italian into our holiday, here’s some dolcetta o scherzetta parole — trick or treat words — for you. Buon divertimente! Have fun! (I have added links to Google Translate for each word. Click the Italian word, and then once on Google Translate, click the speaker icon to hear the spoken word.)

Parole Italiane – Italian Words

Buon Halloween a tutti! Happy Halloween everyone!

Do you have a photo or two capturing the character, spirit, or essence of Italy? If so, please email me at prayersandpiazzas(at)gmail(dot)com, or send me a private message via the Prayers and Piazzas Facebook page, to participate in an upcoming Capturing Italy post! 

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  1. gail pollard says:

    She does make you smile!!

  2. Sharon Cafagna says:

    Boo is for sure a perfect Halloween Cat. And, posed perfectly with the pumpkins and fall leaves😀😀

    Sent from my iPhone


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