How to fall in love with Verona in one easy step

If the universe had commissioned Walt Disney to create Italy, what he would have crafted, in my opinion, would have looked like today’s Verona. Verona is that exquisite, and magical. Verona Image Credit Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way. The entire city of Verona has been named one of UNESCO’s World…

Framed by History

Verona’s Ponte Scaligero is a fortified bridge built in the mid 1300s. It spans the Adige River and leads to the castelvecchio (the old castle). We found it to be a delightful way to frame beautiful Verona, and couldn’t resist climbing higher for an even better view.

In Verona

Verona, a magical city near Venice in Italy’s Veneto region. Wandering the marble streets this summer, I found all of Verona to be proudly beautiful, with the ability to turn something as ordinary as a shop selling deli meats into a work of art.