A Wander Through Venice

It is with a bit of a sheepish and heavy heart that I offer sincere apologies to all of those whom I have possibly influenced not to visit Venice. (Younger Son, I’m especially looking at you.)

Last summer, after four visits to Italy which deliberately did not include Venice (my first trip there left me quite unimpressed, which now I’m thinking was the fault of our awful hotel and Venice got unfairly blamed…), we gave it another try.

One way to easily fall in love with a new place, for me, is an early morning photo walk. In fact, this is one of my favorite things to do during any trip, or even at home. It’s easier to grow fond of a place when you can wander the streets, nearly alone, the air still cool, morning light golden, watching the city wake up slowly.

This iconic view of Venice stopped me in my tracks. Even though there are countless shots such as this crowding the internet, I wanted a photo of my very own. It recalls the peace of the morning,  Husband and I together, our delicious breakfast (a big plate, American-style, including eggs and a huge coffee!) with this view as our backdrop.


Next we found this gondola “parking lot”, just off Piazza San Marco. It felt dreamlike having this vignette all to ourselves, watching the workers prepare for the coming day, sure to bring heat and crowds of summer visitors.

Now I feel the tug of Venice’s pull. This feeling, both strong and familiar in other parts of Italy, is unexpected here.

We spend the day wandering the alleys and lanes, called calle, in search of some space away from the hoards of tourists which overwhelm the city daily.

IMG_20180527_075607 (1)

Late afternoon, each canal offers its own form of picturesque. My traveling team remains very patient, as I stop seemingly every hundred steps for yet another photo.

IMG_20180527_105811 (1)


Now it’s evening, the light and air circle back to cool and golden.

Venice is aglow.

I am smitten.

IMG_20180527_075636 (1)

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  1. I’m glad you fell in love with Venice too. Some people love it…some hate it. I’m in the first category. So sad with all the devastating flooding recently but Venetians are resilient, to be sure.

  2. It’s always a thrill when someone discovers Venice, the true Venice, for themselves. Its a pleasure not everyone experiences. You need an open heart, a gentle step and a curious mind. I’m happy you gave our beloved city a second chance Stacy!

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts, nice to hear from you! I hope you are doing well.

  3. Paul Williams says:

    Glad that you gave my favourite Italian destination another try Stacy. I think I’ll be there again in December 2020, but for now Firenze awaits (for the 3rd time!).

    1. I’m already looking forward to your photos of Firenze!

  4. Laura says:

    Currently planning our 4th trip to Venice next Spring. My husband and I didn’t fall in Love with Venice our first trip. But during our 2nd and 3rd trips we decided to get “lost” and thank goodness we did. Finding Venice away from the crowds brings to life an amazing city. We are excited to have our friends join us next year … their first trip to Italy! We intend to show them the Venice we have come to Love! No trip to Italy will be complete for us without a visit to Venice. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

    1. Hi Laura, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! It’s especially fun to connect with others who have had a similar experiences. I’m with you, getting lost is really key in Venice. Have fun seeing the city through brand new eyes with your friends next year!

  5. Brad Nixon says:

    I await my 7th visit to Venice with even keener anticipation than my 1st. Not certain when that’ll be. I’m happy you’ve discovered the “real” Serenissima (which can’t be walked through quickly unless you’re late for your train).

    1. I hope you get there very soon…! And the train station, I should have written about that! Arriving by train into Venice is spectacular.

      1. Brad Nixon says:

        There is no ordinary means by which to arrive in Venice. I have driven into it and parked my car at Piazzale Romana, ridden the train there to Santa Lucia, and I’ve gotten off the plane at Marco Polo Airport and taken a launch that dropped me off on the Riva degli Schiavoni near St. Mark’s. All are preferable to arriving in Atlanta, Baltimore or Seattle. Just be there.
        Oh, and, at age 19, I slept an uneasy night on a metal bench in the train station, awakened every half hour or so by a guard, who did not like the idea of backpacking Americans hanging out in his station. Well, just wait 40 years, signore. There’ll be 50,000 Americans getting off cruise ships. You’ll wish I was all you had to deal with.

      2. You are so right about that last bit especially, the cruise ships disturbed us all, even 12 year old daughter. Love hearing the details of your different arrivals into Venice!

  6. Bellissime foto Stacy. I have not been to Venezia since 1994 and really want to go back! Would love to go for Carbevale some day. I definitely want to stay overnight rather than Mestre, as you don’t really see a place as a ‘day tripper’. Ciao, Cristina

    1. Thank you! I hope you get back to Venice with at least a couple of days to wander and get lost there. Tante belle cose!

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