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  1. The forum at sunset is just full of beautiful colours! Ciao, Cristina

  2. bonniegm says:

    We will be there again, just us two for the first time, Oct.30-Nov.2. Have scored tickets to the Scavi tour and will be at St. Peter’s for All Saints Day – my husband’s birthday. Soooo excited!!

    1. How wonderful, Bonnie! That sounds amazing. I would love to hear how the weather/crowds are in Rome at that time!

    2. Hi Bonnie-I was in Roma last year at the same time. Nov 1 is a national holiday and many take ‘il ponte’ and extra long weekend. it is, I believe, also mid term break for European school kids. it was a wonderful time to vist……just don’t expect it to not be crowded! Buon viaggio, Cristina

  3. gailpollard2015 says:

    Glad you share!!! Great pictures

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