And So It Begins: Study Abroad 2018

It was nearly a decade ago when I realized that there would be a year that, if all went according to plan, Older and Younger Son would both be at university and Daughter, much younger by several years, would be in a somewhat transitional school year.

I dreamed of a self-created “study abroad” program in Italy and Husband, who encourages actions over dreams, was on board immediately — tante grazie and molto yay! 🙂

That was Fall 2010. Fast forward to yesterday, when we flew over the Italian Alps, landed in Milan, and made our way to Santa Margherita Ligure, a charming little town along the Italian Riviera.



While we won’t be here for a year (by choice), we be here for the next little while. Soon we will settle in to an apartment and language school. But first we ease into Italy here in Liguria. Stick with me here or on my Facebook page for posts from Italy!

Interested in my love of Italy and Italian? Read more here:


27 Replies to “And So It Begins: Study Abroad 2018”

    1. Thank you, cara Margie! I also owe you a thank you for Santa Margherita Ligure, your post helped me make the decision to start our visit here and we’ve been very happy! Let me know if you’ll be in Italy soon, it would be great to connect.


  1. Fill each moment – we want to live vicariously

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  2. Yay!!!! You are doing it! You’re in Italy! I am so happy for you guys!!! Have a wonderful time! Enjoy every minute of it!
    Love, Patty

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  3. So excited for you! I know you are on cloud 9 and it makes my heart so happy ❤ Have an awesome study abroad – love you.

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