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7 thoughts on “La Primavera

  1. Wisteria! There is a huge, old tree on the Barbi estate that is so beautiful in the spring. As you drive from Sant’Angelo Scalo up to Montalcino you can see an entire wall of purple iris in bloom. Adore springtime in Italy!!


  2. Caro Stacy,

    I hope this email finds you and your family well.

    I have been longing for Italy since my Spring visit last year. Your blog brought back such vivid and wonderful memories of La Primavera. Italia e cosi bella in primavera!

    Attached are a few of our cherished photos capturing Spring in Ravello, Pompei and Salerno. Feel free to share if you’d like.

    Hope to see you in class next session.

    Stay well.

    A presto, Dianna Mansi Nunez

    PS: I received my Italian citizenship on 2/17/17!!! Finalemente:)

    Wisteria in Ravello

    Poppies in Pompei

    Lemons in Salerno


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