Earthquake in Italy Update and Ways to Help

Today is a crucial day for rescue workers desperate to find survivors trapped in the rubble from yesterday’s deadly earthquake in central Italy. The death toll is now at 241.

Here’s the latest from CNN: Italy earthquake rescuers in desperate search for survivors as toll hits 241 

What I really want to share with you today are ways you can help from around the world:

  • The Italian Red Cross has a page set up specifically for Italian earthquake rescue efforts (link in Italian)
  • Restaurants around the world are asked to make a donation for every plate of pasta all’amatriciana served, in honor of Amatrice, where the famous pasta dish originated. Click here for details.
  • Other ways to offer help featured in The Local

Learn more about the towns hit hardest by yesterday’s earthquakeItaly Magazine

From Beautiful Italy Facebook Page


Found on Life in Italy

Prayers to all suffering in our beloved Italy.

Donation information shared for educational purposes, please conduct your own research and feel comfortable in any contributions you make. 


14 thoughts on “Earthquake in Italy Update and Ways to Help

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  2. Here is a practical way to help. If you know someone in Italy send them some money to buy some emergency supplies on your behalf. The local communes ( town councils) have set up collection points where you can deposit any non-perishable food, bottled water, tissues, paper towels, plastic plates & cutlery, toilet paper, soap, sanitary pads, baby food, UHT milk, blankets etc. This morning we left 3 supermarket trolleys full at our local commune. The goods were then packaged and sealed into appropriate boxes by volunteers for collection by the emergency services and transported to the earthquake areas. This is happening every day in towns all over Italy.

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