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Ciao amici! Yesterday began a new class term with Italiano with Jodina and marked my 5th anniversary studying Italian with Maestra Jodina Hahn Gallo. ❤

I hope to get back into the swing of the Weekend Italian series soon (focusing on Fluent Forever’s high-frequency list), but until then, here’s some fun phrases that I jotted in my notebook.

Divertiti! Enjoy!


Useful Conversational Phrases

Vi prego – I beg you

Ti giuro! – I swear

Vieni qui! – Come here!

Sbrigati! – Hurry up

Stavo dicendo – As I was saying…

Che c’e` – What is it / what’s up

Ti serve qualcosa? – What can I do for you / can I help you with something


Io Amo Italiano – I Love Italian Phrases

Adoro italiano – I adore Italian

Italiano e` molto buono per il cervello – Italian is very good for your brain

Italiano e` una cosa bella per la tua anima – Italian is a beautiful thing for your soul.


For more Weekend Italian posts, please click here. Image Credits: Royalty Free Stock Photos

This post first appeared on Prayers and Piazzas.


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  1. Gracefully Global says:

    Very diverse but very helpful phrases!

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