A Visit From Studentessa Matta!

Ciao, ragazzi — hi guys! Okay, imagine my delight when the first person to respond to my invitation to share photos for this new post series was none other than Melissa, blogger extraordinaire also known as Studentessa Matta! I have written about her before (click here and here), and, being a follower of hers for a couple of years, I’m overjoyed to connect with her and feature her on Prayers and Piazzas. Tante grazie, Melissa – many, many thanks.

Ecco la mia foto che ho fatto a Firenze a giugno,” writes La Studentessa — “here’s my photo that I took in Florence in June.” (Insert Stacy’s “I miss Florence” sigh here). I couldn’t agree with her more when she writes of lucky Signore Cinghiale, Mr. Boar, living in the heart of Florence just steps from the Ponte Vecchio.

By the way, Melissa organizes incredible “studycations” to Italy — fantastic travel combined with serious language learning. Sounds like the best way to see Italy to me! Click here for more details on upcoming trips.

Allora, finalmente, ecco i foto di Melissa!– So, finally, here’s Melissa’s photos!



Le Parole Italiane di Melissa Melissa’s Italian Words 
  • Signore Cinghiale! = Mr. Boar
  • Una fontana = a fountain
  • Una porta fortuna = A good luck piece

Le Frasi Italiane di Melissa – Melissa’s Italian Sentences

  • Si può trovarlo nella loggia del mercato nuovo a Firenze = You can find it in the “Loggia del mercato nuovo” in Florence
  • Qualche volta si chiamo il mercato “Loggia del Porcellino” = Sometimes it is called the “Loggia of the pig”
  • Il mercato è situato a pochi passi dal Ponte Vecchio = the market it is located just a few steps from the Ponte Vecchio
  • Qui si vendono magliette e borse e cinture fatte di cuoio = Here they sell t-shirts and purses and belts made of leather
  • Davanti il mercato c’è la statua di un cinghiale in bronzo = in front of the market is the statue of a bronze pig
  • Baciare il cinghiale porta fortuna = kissing the boar brings good luck

So, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Florence, mix in a quick stop to this Signore and give him a bacio. After all, when in Rome…. (or Florence) 🙂 Baci a tutti! Kisses to all!


Capturing Italy is a regular post which allows me to blog of my love for Italy and share some beautiful Italian words and photos with you all! If you have a photo to contribute, please email me at prayersandpiazzas(at)gmail(dot)com, or send me a private message via the Prayers and Piazzas Facebook page.

Tante Belle Cose ~ Many Beautiful Things xoxo

3 Comments Add yours

  1. frankieandgiuseppe says:

    Cute! And next time we go, we’ll have to give the fella a bacio.

  2. Jenn says:

    We were right in front of that market today! Wish I would have read this earlier and would have kissed the Boar a visit!! I’ll send you some picks soon. Ciao!

    1. You know how happy it makes me to picture you in Florence! Say ciao to the Duomo for me! xoxo

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