Accidental Italian

The word storia, in Italian, means story. And also, history. Growing up, Italian was always part of my history, but never part of my story. Until, one day, a fire for learning the language unexpectedly sparked. Growing up in an Italian-American family, Italy was no big deal. The following was all quite normal: Sundays at…

Finding Famiglia

When “prayers” meet “piazzas”…re-posted in honor of my Italian cousins, who are a BIG reason why I love learning Italian.

Finding Famiglia

As promised in Italian and Me: A History, following is the story of how an American girl, raised in an Italian-American family, found her roots, le sue radici, her treasures, i suoi tesori, in the heel of the Italian boot.  Il Retroscena ~ The Backstory  Fall 2009. Still very sad from losing my father in April….

Choosing Colour

A Guest Post by Frankie Still  Italophile, Blogger and Co-Founder of Terra Adopt Frankie and her Italian counterpart Giuseppe were among the first bloggers I started following a couple of years ago, when blogging was new to me. I was drawn to their site by their beautiful photos and their mission to explore a lesser…

My Crazy Journey to Learn Italian: A Guest Post by La Studentessa Matta

Part of the joy of blogging has come through connecting with other wonderful people who share my love of Italy and Italian. Melissa Muldoon, the woman behind the successful Diario di una Studentessa Matta, leads the charge on sharing her enthusiasm for all things Italian! As a follower of her dual-language blog, I am extremely…