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Florence’s Orsanmichele: A Storied History

Via Calzaiuoli is a street made for strolling. Along this pedestrian-only thoroughfare, it’s easy to wander between some of Florence’s most sought after sites including the Duomo, Florence’s iconic red-domed cathedral, and the Ponte Vecchio, the only bridge in Florence to survive World War II. Tucked in between these two sites is the historic church of Orsanmichele, beloved by Florentines but easy for visitors to miss…. continue reading

Read more at my newest endeavor which I am excited to introduce, Once Upon a Passeggiata, a website devoted to Italian history for travelers! While there, have a look around and sign up for updates through my monthly newsletter — that would mean so much to me. Prayers and Piazzas will remain active with my travel stories and other topics which inspire me (and hopefully you too!), while the new site focuses on Italian history. I would love your thoughts about Once Upon a Passeggiata, and any suggested posts that you would find interesting and useful with a travel/history spin!

Orsanmichele, Florence | Image Credit vvoennyy ©

6 thoughts on “Florence’s Orsanmichele: A Storied History

  1. Che brava for taking on another site. I can barely manage the one! I had a peak and it looks beautiful! My only comment -based on others I’ve read of the same ‘format’-for lack of a better word-is that they don’t make it easy to leave comments as it is with this format. Hope that makes sense. In bocce al lupo, Cristina

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