A Snapshot From / Sydney

Snapshots to make you Smile


The final morning in Sydney the city bid me farewell with this incredible sunrise over the water.



This photo snapped at the Featherdale Wildlife Park made me long for the days when my babies where never too far from my side. I believe this is a Yellow-footed rock-wallaby, but please correct me if I’m wrong!


The public restroom sign above I found hilarious, but the sign below, posted inside a restroom stall really had me wondering….



Offerings from a street fair vendor. Sadly, adventurous eating is lost on me, as I don’t even eat seafood. So, despite the encouragement from two of my blogger friends to try crocodile, I opted out. I did try the tiniest bites of emu and kangaroo, but maybe not even enough to count. Younger Son, however, happily tried all three!



Lovers of Florence will certainly recognize this guy — Il Porcellino — whom I was surprised to find in Sydney! A replica of the one in Florence, it was a gift to the city of Sydney in 1968 from Marchesa Fiaschi Torrigiani. The tradition of rubbing his nose is alive here too!

Friends, thank you for being with me during my travels to Sydney. It’s always fun to see your names pop up on social media when I’m far from home.

I am safely home and polishing up a couple of last posts on Sydney. I plan to return to professing my love of all things Italy very soon!


8 thoughts on “Snapshots to make you Smile

  1. Love these photos! I haven’t ever seen the first bathroom photo, which I can only assume means to allow people in wheelchairs to go to the front of the line, but I’ve also scratched my head at the do-not-stand-on-the-toilet sign that I’ve seen in Europe.

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