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Coming in February

Here’s what I’m polishing up for the blog in February; so excited to be writing about one of my favorite topics: The Italian Renaissance!


Tuesday’s A Snapshot From Series featuring Florence (naturalmente 🙂)

Book Love: Recommended reading for all who love the Renaissance (or want to learn more)

Renaissance History: A closer look at Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, or, the answer to the question: Who Can We Thank for Housing So Many Renaissance Treasures in One City?

Ecco quello che lucido per il blog a febbraio; sono molto emozionata di scrivere su uno dei miei argomenti preferiti: Il Rinascimento italiano!

I martedì Un Snapshot Da serie con Firenze 

Amore di Libre: Lettere consigliate per tutti coloro che adorano il Rinascimento (o vogliono sapere di più)

Storia del Rinascimento: Anna Maria Luisa de ‘Medici, o, la risposta alla domanda: Chi ringraziamo per tanti tesori rinascimentali in una città?

To get you ready, enjoy the sounds of Florence’s Duomo, taken during a serene July twilight in Florence. xo



4 thoughts on “Coming in February

  1. Ciao Stacy! Buon inizio dell’anno! Looking forward to your February posts. Such a Lovely video of our beloved Firenze you have posted! When I was in Florence last June I visited church of San Lorenzo where most of Medici are buried. There is a lovely statue of Anna Maria Luisa on the bottom level before climbing stairs to the Medici Chapels. I stopped and paid my respects! I’m reading an interesting book now about Isabella de’ Medici (daughter of Eleonora and Cosimo I) called Murder of a Medici Princess by Caroline Murphy. It is fascinating (also background research for my next project 🙂 ) Wouldn’t it be great to be in Florence together? You should come next September when we walk the steps of Sophia all over Florence 🙂 Will stay tuned to your next posts and will share on my site! Ci sentiamo


    • Ciao! Thank you for the sweet comment and for sharing my post! I have long been interested in writing something more extended about AML de’ Medici, but there are limited resources. I was fortunate enough to be in Florence when the Medici chapels had a whole display devoted to AML!


      • oops, wasn’t finished with my reply! You know how much I would LOVE to be in Florence with you (and Arezzo, Lucca….) but I need to save my travel resources for my “Semester Abroad”, which we are still hopeful is in our future. I will share your trip posts on FB. Un abbraccio!


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