Alberobello and its Trulli: Hidden Treasure in the Heel of Italy’s Boot

The first time I spotted a trullo, I expected a little gnome, pointy red hat and all, to come tiptoeing around the side of its rounded stone walls. The trulli seemed to pop up, out of the golden fields, like some ancient harvest.


Here in Puglia, a province in the heel of the Italian boot, I was already feeling like a character out of a fairy tale. The granddaughter of an Italian immigrant, I had brought my family to our ancestral home, to connect with cugini — descendants of the sisters who had remained in Italy when the five brothers (one of them being my grandfather) crossed the ocean to live forever in America…read more on Tourist by Chance 

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  1. La la la la la la….. Alberobello makes me think of ‘i puffi’-the smurfs. Seriously though, I love Alberobello. it is an incredible place to sketch and photograph, especially on a sunny day. Ciao, Cristina…now i can’t get that ‘la la la la la la’ puffi song out of my head….

    1. That is a perfect description! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Stacy from Prayers and Piazzas! Make sure to check out her awesome guest house on Tourist by Chance 🙂 Ciao to all from a sunny Rome!

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