A Look Back, A Look Ahead

I so look forward to my blog feeds at this time of year. They are filled with reflections of popular posts from the past year, and intentions for the coming year. The season is ripe with possibility and positive energy.

In the di Anna household we had a year of extremes — some stressful lows (not all of which showed up in my posts) and intense, blessed highs (some which I wrote about herehere and here).

For 2016, I’m hoping to post more regularly and ramp up language learning on the blog. I intend for it to look something like this:

Blackbird (2)

As for 2015, without question my favorite writing moment was being featured at Mamalode — ! A heartfelt thank you to the powers that be over there for sharing my story.

I also loved connecting with the writers behind these blogs which I discovered this year: Mama Art, Jenny’s Lark, The (Reformed) Idealist MomItaly: Translated!Rome Daily Photo, Mothering the DivideGuilty Chocoholic Mama.  And keeping up with favorite blogs like Studentessa Matta and Becoming Italian Word by Word.

Here at Prayers and Piazzas, following are the most viewed posts from 2015. Thanks to you all for reading. ❤ If you know others who love Italy and Italian, please introduce them to Prayers and Piazzas. I’d love to reach a larger audience in the coming year!

Popular in 2015:

  1. And As You Go
  2. Contagious Happiness
  3. Christmas in Italy: 5 More Reasons to Celebrate!
  4. My Crazy Journey to Learn Italian: A Guest Post by La Studentessa Matta
  5. How I Study Italian

Also: Roman Holiday, Matta Style; Snapshots from Florence: Palazzo DavanzatiFinding Famiglia; Buon Onomastico or, The Serendipity of Italian

Wishing you a healthy, joy-filled 2016, full of all the things which you love best. 



6 Replies to “A Look Back, A Look Ahead”

  1. Stacy, your support via comments through blogs supported me through one of the biggest journeys of my life, my solo journey through the Mezzogiorno. Even though we have never met I am so grateful and inspired by you. I may even continue on with learning Italian this new year :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I loved following your journey and I’m very impressed with your solo trip. Sending you blessings for 2016, and encouragement to continue your language learning! And your blogging!


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