Sunday Sweets & Smiles: 2014 #8

I’ll bet you guys thought my computer broke, right? Well I’m happy to report that the computer, and its operator, are just doing fine!  I’m feeling happy and grateful to find a few moments to share my thoughts.

While I don’t have a typical Sweets & Smiles list — little moments from the past days which made me smile or brought me joy — I thought I’d instead take a moment to share the bigger picture items for which I am thankful. A gratitude inventory.

Here’s what fills my heart with joy:

Husband, and the life we’ve made together during the past 27 years.

Older Son, Younger Son, Principessa. I always wanted to be a mom, and I feel so honored and thankful that these three unique and spirited kids are the ones who give me the title. They are my life’s work for sure.

Health: In our family, we can’t always lay claim to this one, but when it’s smiling upon us (more times than not), I sure feel thankful.

Travel: Love this one, whether it’s a new country or just a new county. Also, I recently realized that I even love airports (although I’m never too jazzed on the actual flying). A few weeks back, we picked up Younger Son from the airport, who was returning from an international trip with his school. It was especially sweet and touching to watch the reunions which happen when people are separated by an ocean, continents, and time.

Words: in all different forms. I love writing, and feel so happy to have an outlet to share what’s in my heart. (Thanks guys, for reading and supporting me.) I love languages, and feel so thankful for the beauty and passion found in learning Italian. And, of course, I love love love books. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “I cannot live without books!”

Speaking of books….

Reading Right Now Update: Back in March, I set a goal to read 25 pages a day, in the hopes of finishing two books a month. I’m still going strong on this goal — hurray! I have finished 11 books in 4 months. This is especially exciting for me because typically, I’m the type of person who reads several books at the same time, making it difficult to finish any of them. With my 25 pages a day, I concentrate on one book, and, by always having my book with me, and devoting just a bit of time to read (particularly in the morning), I find finishing 25 pages is very attainable.

Right now I’m in a Renaissance Florence kick (go figure), and enjoying reading a string of  books on the Medici family, who were so influential in Florence during that time in history. Hoping to finally get my brain around this complex family who shaped the city to which I’m so attached.

What fills your heart with joy? I invite you to share your list in the comment section below.

Blessings to all for a beautiful week.


Sunday Sweets and Smiles is a post series on gratitude. My thanks, as always, to The Duck and The Owl, for sharing their idea with other bloggers.

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