Sunday Sweets & Smiles: 2014 #6

The past few weeks for the “di Anna” family have been chaotic, to say the least. My apologies that I have been out-of-touch with you all, my supportive blogging community, and sincere thank yous for sticking with me!

We all experience the ebbs and flows of life. Some seasons are more joyful, other times bring unexpected trials. When I find myself in challenge season, I am relieved to still see the blessings in my life, and for the comfort to feel honest gratitude for those blessings. Here’s what made me smile recently:

  • Amazing teenagers: being the lucky mom of two high school boys, my world is filled with teenagers right now. I love when our house hosts “the friends”.  And let me tell you, these kids we are getting to know are of the highest possible quality and character. They continue to impress me, and I’m relieved to know that our future is in their hands!
  • Loving friends: Guys, you never let me fall.
  • Simple pleasures, like the healing warmth of the sun; more profound joys, like the spiritual sanctuary of the belief in a higher power.
  • America, our Beautiful: my love for all things Italian is no secret, but make no mistake — above all, I am grateful to be an American girl, and thankful for the many privileges and freedoms being a U.S. citizen provides.
  • Cara mia famiglia: my dear family — loving husband and treasured kiddos — who fill my life with love, laughter and joy every day.

Reading Right Now Update: My goal to read 25 pages a day is still going well, I’m happy to report! I have finished four books in five weeks — the most recent being Julie Orringer’s The Invisible Bridge, which should count for two because of it’s 700+ pages! I cannot recommend this book highly enough, especially if you are a historical fiction fan.

Blessings to all for a beautiful week.

Sunday Sweets and Smiles is a regular post on gratitude. My thanks, as always, to The Duck and The Owl, for sharing their idea with other bloggers.

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