Sunday Sweets & Smiles: 2014 #4

Hello friends and happy Sunday to you! I’m so happy to report that I’m back to my computer and hoping to return to my regular blogging schedule this week. Here’s a quick list of some recent sweets and smiles in my life:

  • Shadow tag with daughter (“wow Mom, you’re good!)
  • Dusk: the light is so peaceful, and the world just seems comforting at this magical time of day. I’m going to plan to be outside as much as possible at twilight.
  • Same goes for this morning’s sunrise!
  • This post on How to Read a Book a Week. I’m accepting the challenge, though I modified it to 25 pages a day, which puts me at one book every two weeks. Even so, I’m halfway through a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while, which I began just a few days ago! Maybe this is the year I’ll finally get through my booklist! Anybody interested in joining me?

Blessings to all for a beautiful Sunday and a fantastic week ahead.

Sunday Sweets and Smiles is a regular post on gratitude. My thanks, as always, to The Duck and The Owl, for sharing their idea with other bloggers.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets & Smiles: 2014 #4

  1. I love your resolution to be outside at dusk. Instead of collapsing in a heap after work or rushing from one place to another it’d be lovely to appreciate those magical dusky moments out in the open; I want to see if we can adopt it too!


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