Sunday Sweets & Smiles: 2014 #3

Happy February to all!

Here’s what made me smile recently: 

  • Connecting with other bloggers! One of the most lovely surprises of this experience is being a part of a wonderful, supportive and positive community!
  • Sharing an awesome AHA! writing moment with Older Son while he drafted his essay on The Great Gatsby. How have so many years passed since I was the high school kid?
  • “Blurred Lines” dance party in the kitchen with Daughter — we have decided to institute kitchen dance parties on a regular basis.
  • A Friday filled from morning till night with laughter and good friends.
  • My first column published in a local magazine! And a Prayers & Piazzas Facebook page! Hurray! Thanks everyone for your support!

Some Thoughts to Share on Gratitude

11 Tips for Instilling True Gratitude in Your Kids” by Andrea Reiser, caught my attention this week while browsing The Huffington Post. Reiser notes, “gratitude is healthy for us. Believe it or not, gratitude benefits adults and kids alike on a very basic level. In fact, a study conducted by Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, reveals that cultivating gratitude can increase happiness levels by around 25 percent. It can also cause individuals to live happier, more satisfied lives and enjoy increased levels of self-esteem, hope, empathy and optimism.”

This last line was especially timely, because I have noticed that, since writing my Sweets & Smiles list twice a month, I just feel more joyful. I take note of little “sweets” that happen every day, the tiny moments which put a smile on my face and in my heart. The more I think about being grateful, the more moments I find for which to be grateful. And writing it down helps me remember them.

Is my life any different now than it was a few months ago? Absolutely not. But I feel more delighted by the little moments in life when viewed through the lens of gratitude. Perhaps even 25 percent more delighted! 🙂

Gratitude and Kids

The article continues, “studies have shown that kids who practice grateful thinking have more positive attitudes towards school and families. And gratitude helps to counteract ‘the gimmies.'” All fantastic reasons to provide opportunities for my kids to cultivate a grateful heart. My favorite of Reiser’s tips:

  • Tip #1: Name your blessings: “Sometimes when my kids have been particularly blue or negative, I’ve had them send me a nightly email with three things they’re grateful for. It’s been a successful solution every time, and realizing the good in their lives results in a quick and significant shift of attitude.” What a fantastic suggestion!
  • Tip #2: Be a grateful parent: Share with kids how grateful we are to be their parent, with specifics on why they are special to us. What a beautiful gift to give them.
  • Tip #5: Keep thank you notes on hand
  • Tip #7: Link gratitude to your Higher Power: “Spirituality and gratitude go hand in hand.”

Blessings to all for a wonderful week ahead, and wishes to you, that you find grateful moments in the unexpected and the ordinary.

Sunday Sweets and Smiles is a regular post on gratitude. My thanks, as always, to The Duck and The Owl, for sharing their idea with other bloggers.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets & Smiles: 2014 #3

  1. Read the blog on Mommy and job. Loved it all – of course you have a JOB! As a 74 yr. old grandma, I still have a job of running the house while my husband goes to work (golf). You are doing a splendid job and I can attest.


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