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Italy Photos, plus some cool tricks I learned at WordCamp Phoenix

Amici! Friends! Who are here on Prayers and Piazzas for the “piazzas” part of this site — I owe you a post. It’s been since December 18th that I’ve blogged anything in the “I love Italy” category, so this one’s for you.

I’m writing a post which I’m so excited about, called “Finding Famiglia”, the story of meeting my relatives in Bari, Italy. But it’s going to take longer than I had planned… So in the meantime, I share some photos I took a couple of years ago. What perfect timing because while I was at WordCamp Phoenix this weekend, discovering a bit more about all things WordPress, I learned some cool photo tricks. Perfetto

Left: Cups lined up at cousin’s five-year-old birthday party, just like we do here in America, but featuring names such as Moreno, Gabriela, Vincenzo…Center: a silver bowl of soccer balls at a streetside bar in Rome is an elegant display of one of the Italians’ greatest passions. Right: Little stalls like these pop up everywhere in Rome, such a welcome relief to have a snack (una merenda) of cool, fresh fruit on a hot summer day. We munched on fresh coconut (cocco fresco)! Delizioso!

I love capturing little snippets of regular life. Upper left, a Rome apartment. How lovely it must be inside with an outside terrace so appealing. Lower left, little gaggles of priests and nuns are a common site, but seeing one check his cell phone so casually stopped me in my tracks (not to mention the ancient Roman ruins in the background). Right: a hot afternoon is the perfect laundry day, Citta’ Vecchia (the old city), Bari, Puglia.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This display is a cool slide show, featuring a couple of items which I can’t stop taking pictures of. I LOVE the doors in this country! Thank you to my family who has always been patient with me as I stop every 20 feet to capture yet another in my “Doors of Italy” series. My second favorite photo category: the little prayer niches scattered here and there, in towns both big and small. I feel a sense of protection and peace when I turn a corner to be greeted by a Saint or to see the Madonna’s sweet face glancing down upon me.

So there you have it, a little viaggio to Italy, from me to you today. Want more from home? Check out these recent and lovely posts from Walks of Italy that will transport you to il bel paese: 10 of the Best Movies on Italy and 10 of the Best Books on Italy.

Buon viaggio a tutti! Happy travels everyone!

4 thoughts on “Italy Photos, plus some cool tricks I learned at WordCamp Phoenix

  1. I love these moments of Italian life captured through a cross-cultural lens. Look forward to seeing more fancy photo tricks.


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