Sunday Sweets & Smiles: 2014 #1

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope 2014 is starting off beautifully. Here’s what made me smile this week:

  • Hearing “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice on the radio this week  – hello 1990!
  • Italian class starts up again and hurray, my Italian brain still works! (il mio cervello italiano funziona ancora!)
  • My three kids are unintentionally competing for cleanest room in the house (nothing I actually put them up to)– folks, this is highly irregular! I almost hate to admit how much joy a clutter-free room provides.
  • Receiving a surprise delivery of a giant cookie basket in the mail. 
  • An evening of wine and laughter (and a few tears) with two of my favorite gals.
  • Sunsets and sunshine. Both have been unbelievable recently. Given the frigid weather around the country recently, I feel especially grateful. I wish I could bottle and share both!

And, as always, books make me smile. Right now I’m reading two great books: The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert, and Basilica by R.A. Scott. I love Elizabeth Gilbert for so many reasons, reading her new piece of fiction feels like visiting with an old friend. Basilica details the building of St. Peter’s — it’s reader friendly and fascinating. Perfect for this gal who loves history and all things Italian.

Something about a new year makes me want to jump into a new pile of books. Ready, set, read!

My stack of currents and futures for the coming year.

Sunday Sweets and Smiles is a regular post on gratitude. My thanks, as always, to The Duck and The Owl, for sharing their idea with other bloggers.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. And you make me smile!! xoxoxo


    1. xoxo back dear friend. Enjoy this lovely day.


  2. Jenn says:

    Ice Ice Baby ALWAYS makes me sing and smile!! Wine without me??! Lunch this week?


    1. How about lunch with wine just to be all caught up?! (kidding, everyone :)) Yes to lunch, I’ve not filled my sushi craving in such a long time! xo


  3. A giant cookie basket in the mail?! What can be better than that?!
    -Kaitlyn 🙂


    1. Right?!? Life is good…:)


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