Blogging for Joy

January marks six months of blogging for me! For someone who is essentially private and guarded, I never thought I would find so much joy in sharing myself on an open forum. But I noticed something immediately — the more I write, the more I want to write. Writing is a reward at the end of a long day, or a peaceful start to one which is hectic and full. Writing is inspiring. And healing.

My first post was published with shaky hands and fluttery heart. It was a letter to my late father, posted on his birthday. I wasn’t really ready to go public with it — I hadn’t even shared it with anyone else. But I was determined to publish this first piece on his birthday, so I stifled my fears and hit that blue publish button.

And do you know what? The sky didn’t fall, as I feared it might. Not many people even found that first post, but those who did seemed to really like it. Granted, they were mostly friends with whom I had shared the link, but even so, their encouragement and support motivated me to keep writing.

I have been writing and posting what’s on my heart ever since. (Thank you, Dad! Thank you blog friends!) I have also made progress on writing goals that I have had for at least three decades. I started writing that book — for reals — which I’ve started and stopped countless times since the 1990s. I submitted an original piece of writing to an online magazine. Prayers and Piazzas has had over 1,000 views — a small amount for many bloggers but amazing to me! In a couple of weeks I will attend a WordPress conference. Non vedo l’ora — I can’t wait!

Here are my favorite posts from 2013, a celebration of my first six months. Thanks to all for welcoming me with open arms, and encouraging me to keep it all going. Cheers and blessings for a fantastic 2014.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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5 thoughts on “Blogging for Joy

  1. Well done on having the courage to share such personal memories; here’s to the next six months (and many more!) of blogging.


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  3. I just read this for the first time! I am laying in bed crying…. For what you lost, for how well you put in into words, for relating to all of your feelings and for wishing that I supported you more! I love you my friend! Keep writing. It’s a beautiful gift to all of us.


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