Mid-Week Inspiration: A School Year Prayer

Even though my kids are in 11th, 9th and 2nd grades, they still take a little piece of my heart with them every time they leave for school, just like they did on that first morning drop off at kindergarten. As I watch them go off, I say a little prayer for each one, hoping that they will feel God’s loving hands wrapped around them, keeping them healthy and happy, and praying that they move through their day with kindness and character.

For this week’s inspiration, I share with you my prayer I have for the kids as they begin this new school year…

Dear Lord

Please watch over my babies as they embark on the journey of another school year,

walk with them through the challenges they will face in the coming days and months.

Grant them kindness, compassion and character in all they do.

Give them the courage to be true to themselves in their actions,

and surround them with adults and kids who will celebrate and value their authenticity.

For my oldest, beginning his junior year of high school,

please walk with this young man throughout his very challenging academic year.

Give him strength, wisdom and vitality, and the ability to balance a rigorous year with the joys of being 16.

For my younger son, starting his first year of high school,

please stay by his side as he settles into a new school, with new-found freedoms, activities, classes and choices.

Watch over his free spirit and passion for life, qualities which have defined his character since his earliest days.

For my second grade daughter,

 please walk with this little one as she continues to figure out the way the world works.

I pray that she remembers to always have a kind heart and to use loving words,

and that she is surrounded by kids doing the same.

Protect her joyful spirit and her enthusiasm for life.

….and from grateful parents, Lord,

thank you for entrusting us with these beautiful souls.

Give us the wisdom and strength to parent them in a way that allows them

to blossom

into the young people

that You intend for them to be.  


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Diana Tull says:

    what a sweet and thoughtful mom. That was wonderful!


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